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Wilson Tree Surgery

by Wilson Tree Surgery |

We need to take a belt & braces approach to everything that we do. Belt & braces is providing double security by using two means to the same end.

Examples of belts & braces: 

  • Personal Fall Protection – Always climbing with a primary system and a back-up.
  • Always having a hand saw with you when you are climbing with a chainsaw.
  • A team first aid kit and a personal first aid kit.

The additional item of equipment is for ‘just in case’. It isn’t just about doubling up on kit, it might also be, thinking it through again or asking a colleague for their opinion.

It’s key to always rehearse the proposed operation in our minds so that we can predict the outcome. Taking time to thoroughly understand the forces involved in a specific operations which will enable you to act accordingly, such as selecting ropes that can easily handle the proposed event within the safe working load.

The Cost Ratio 

The cost ratio Belt & braces preparation costs slightly more and takes a little longer than just getting stuck in. Belt & braces costs massively less than dealing with incidents and inefficiencies. 

The Boiled Frog 

If you drop a frog into a dish of hot water, it will jump out. If you put a frog into a pan of cool water and slowly increase the temperature, you will be able to boil the frog to death. Because…

A frog’s nervous system is unable to detect and respond to micro changes in its own environment.

Are you at risk of becoming a boiled frog?

Our teams use Continual Mindful Awareness to avoid becoming boiled frogs. 

Continual Mindful Awareness

In tree surgery, adopting a belts and braces approach is not about pessimism; it’s about preparedness. The high stakes of working with large trees and powerful equipment near homes and public spaces mean we must always be prepared for the worst while working for the best. Continual mindful awareness is not just a practice but a necessity, ensuring safety, efficiency, and the highest standards of service.

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