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Wilson Tree Surgery

by Wilson Tree Surgery |

From ropes and harnesses to chainsaws, over the last 2 years, there have been many supply chain issues with arb equipment, leaving a lot of tree surgeons without specialist and necessary equipment.

This has also meant that the (already expensive) equipment that you can get your hands on is increasing its price year on year.

What triggered this?

  • Brexit

Like in many industries, Brexit made it harder for the U.K to import most goods. The causes of supply chain disruptions in the UK are complex. Labour shortages, Brexit trade barriers and global supply problems have all contributed.

  • Covid 

Covid and The Pandemic, was also a huge contributor, creating a backlog of high value capital equipment, as well as lots of small to medium sized businesses struggling with their cash flow. Suppliers were struggling with receiving their equipment even when in short supply, as most arb equipment is created and imported from abroad. 


Our Favourite Suppliers

We’ve created a list of our favourite suppliers where you can source the best equipment with minimal delays. We’ve used all of these guys and really recommended checking out their sites.

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