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Tree Surgery

Commercial and Utility Arboriculture Services


We're a leader in our field and have become so by being expert at what we do.

That means we're trained, certified as competent, and experienced in planning, project management, risk evaluation and standards as well as the practical tasks related to cutting and clearing. And, whether the job is a one-off or an on-going maintenance contract, we’re totally committed to getting the job done: on time and at the agreed price.

We use a variety of traditional and modern methods for keeping vegetation and trees under control and well within legislative standards. Working on behalf of electricity distribution network operators, we enable them to provide a resilient and sustainable service to their customers.

Domestic Arboriculture Services

While we've grown in size, we've not forgotten our roots.

WTS has grown to become a commercially focused arboriculture company. By investing in the very latest machinery and having highly skilled trained staff, we are able to continue to offer a very competitive service of smaller works, such as one-off garden tree surgery and on going vegetation maintenance for our private customers.

Wilson Tree Surgery Safety and Equipment
Wilson Tree Surgery Safety in Trees
Wilson Tree Surgery Tree Removal Equipment